Why Mobile Apps Seem Better than Web Apps

Why Mobile Apps Seem Better than Web Apps

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Users are spending a lot more time using smartphones to access the Internet and consuming two times the amount of content on mobile than they do on computers or desktop. The number of smartphone users in the world has reached 3.5 billion in 2020 so it is obvious that people are engaged in mobile applications than web apps which are best viewed on a desktop screen.  Here, we are going to tell why mobile apps are way better than web applications.

Most of the users are familiar with the mobile application as we can download and install from the app store of the respective mobile OS. They are built exclusively for a particular mobile OS and are the best compatible with the small screen. On the other hand, web apps are can be called semi-mobile apps and semi websites. They are sketched to work on most of the devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android running devices. They offer an experience similar to mobile apps to engage users but they are actually websites. Now let’s dig into our topic title.


Mobile apps can be downloaded and installed from the mobile OS app store easily there is no complicated process here but web apps are made in a way that they can be used only on smartphone browsers. Users can save a web app to their smartphone home screen and they will find that there just as they do with a mobile app. Unlike, mobile application the process of adding a web app on the mobile phone is a little complex so some people might face this trouble. Every device has a different trick to add a web app to the smartphone screen while mobile applications can be installed and used very easily.

Cross-Platform Availability

Mobile applications are made exclusively for particular mobile platforms i.e. iOS and Android. So, they render an experience that is tailor-made according to the OS. On the other hand, web apps are developed to operate in the web browsers of the smartphone so they will give you the exact experience of browsing on the internet. This can be seen majorly in the gambling industry where platforms for playing poker online offer a mobile app and they are more popular among online players. These poker apps use the optimum features of the phone to render a realistic gaming experience. For instance, players can use device cameras to participate in live tournaments so, interaction with other players and live video conferencing features offer gameplay that seems just like being in a real casino. These features are very limited in web apps and that’s why apps seem better options.

Push Notifications

This is a great reason for users as well as developers in the favor of mobile applications. Mobile applications can be used by service providers to inform their users with push notifications but the same feature is limited on web apps. Whereas some third-part web browsers on Android smartphones but iOS doesn’t allow web apps to send push notifications. So, in order to engage with more than 100 million iOS users, a mobile application would be the best in order to engage with users with push notifications.

Offline Usage

Mobile apps are the clear winner at thing point. Users can access the several features of the app even when they aren’t connected to the internet while this feature is very limited in web application. Web apps are striving to overcome this problem by allowing users to access some features of the web app by cached data.

Device Features

As we said mobile applications are designed by keeping every feature available on the mobile platforms and the device so they are better at optimum access to tech features of the device. For example, mobile applications, when permitted to access device features, can use the camera, location, gyro sensor, and many other features to give an amazing experience to the users. Web apps have limited access to the features of the device so we can say that mobile apps are way better than web apps.


Well, when it comes to updates and cost, web apps are better for developers compared to mobile applications. But there are more arguments in the favor of mobile applications which are enough to convince everyone that mobile apps are much better than web apps.

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