VIVOHOME Electric Automatic Ice Cube Maker

VIVOHOME Electric Automatic Ice Cube Maker

Here’s the automatic ice cube maker that’s garnering a lot of attention right now because it has high owner satisfaction, excellent features, good value for money, and adequate customer support.

What is VIVOHOME Electric Automatic Ice Cube Maker?

It is a compact countertop automatic ice cube maker machine that’s a best seller on Amazon because of its reliability and performance. It is lightweight and can be used anywhere, whether in your home or office and even while traveling. For instance, people have found it very useful during occasions such as boating, parties, gatherings – no matter where they’re held, on holidays, also at offices, kitchens, bars, and so on.

Usage of VIVOHOME Automatic

It’s very simple. Just plug it into the power socket, add water and enjoy your ice cubes in about six to ten minutes. Not much ado at all. It is able to make 26 lbs of small ice cubes in less time than you need to run to the store and buy it.

The good thing about this product is that no installation is needed. Just start by pressing on the machine, and select what ice cube sizes you want. The automatic overflow protection helps you not to worry ever again. So, forget about having to deal with messes on the ice tray again.

Light Indicators of the Automatic Ice Cube Maker

Take note that when the reservoir is low, meaning that the water level could be in the 2.3-quart level, you’ll get a red light indicator alerting you to remove them for more ice to be made.

Why VIVOHOME Electric Automatic Ice Cube Maker is Unique

Think of what ease this gives you in life. There’s no need to run the stores for ice cubes or to wait for your fridge to make them. Even in places where people don’t expect to get them, you can surprise your friends by offering quickly-made ice cubes.

The manufacturers have put so much thought into a product that adds value to people’s life everywhere on earth. That’s why the ice cube maker machine is a reflection of so much thought, integrity, practicability, and inclusiveness. They deliver a compact premium product at a competitive price.


It sells at $101.99 as a starting price but when you look at Amazon, you see other buying options. The one we are writing about is red, and it is selling at the aforementioned price. There’s another one selling at a price option of $299.99. Remember, these prices have nothing to do with free shipping. Anyway, check if you could get free shipping when you buy.

Vivohome Electric Automatic Ice Cube Maker 1
Vivohome Electric Automatic Ice Cube Maker


  • No installation required. Just plug and switch it on
  • It is truly convenient and automatic. Use it everywhere you go
  • Water overflow protection eases off your worry
  • See-through window to monitor the process


  • The ice cubes it makes are small

What Are Buyers of VIVOHOME Saying?

The Electric Automatic Ice Cube Maker is an excellent product, and that’s why it has 5 stars rating on Amazon. One reviewer who purchased it said he liked the fact that the function and finish are perfect. It makes quicker than the 6 – 10 minutes the manufacturer claims it will make ice cube.

Another user, Andrea T. said that it makes cubes around 15 minutes to 30 minutes for a whole basket. The cubes are completely frozen and they come out in good shape.

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