Snapchat Sign Up Without Phone Number And Email

Snapchat Sign Up Without Phone Number And Email

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Yes, you heard me right” you can actually bypass this and sign up with only username and password. Sounds impossible? Don’t worry, I will show you how to easily achieve this within 3 minutes.

Snapchat is one of the best and outstanding social media platform that allows you to share videos and pictures with your friends. However, it doesn’t mean that other social media platforms doesn’t allow its users to share videos and pictures.

But Snapchat have outstanding features that you can express your feelings with pictures and videos. The picture and video quality is a top-notch, which makes it irresistible” the social media platform ( Snapchat ) have millions of users all over the world.

For you to sign up for a Snapchat account, you will be asked to enter a unique username, password, email, or phone number. However, a lot of people don’t buy the idea of using their phone number to sign up for a Snapchat account.

Snapchat Sign Up Without Phone Number And Email

Whenever you think of creating or signing up for a Snapchat account without using your phone number or email. Then, you should follow follow the below guildlines to skip using your phone contact.

  • Visit Google play store
  • Searching for Snapchat Mobile App
  • Download and install
  • Open and proceed to Snapchat sign up.
  • Enter a unique username
  • Choose an unpredictable password
  • Skip enter phone number and click on sign up.
  • Boom, you have signed up for a Snapchat account without phone number

There’s an option to choose skip phone number, when you click on it” you will freely sign up without using phone number.

How To Sign Up For Snapchat With Email On PC / Computer / Phone

If you don’t want to sign up for a Snapchat account with your phone number, you can as well use email address. This one is very easy and it act as a replacement to phone you” however it’s a matter of choice.

  • If you’re using PC / computer, then’ visit their official website at
  • Download and install the app for PC, while those using mobile phone should download from Google play store.
  • After installation
  • Choose your preferred username and password.
  • Enter your email address
  • A verification code will be send to your email, use it and verify your Snapchat account and enjoy.
  • That’s how to sign up.


Hopefully you have learnt everything about snapchat sign up without phone number? And I believe you have signed up already? If you have any question, feel free to use the comment section below to ask.

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