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For the love of GIF, I was scrolling all over the internet few days ago” just to see if I can see the best GIF maker. But guess what? I stumble on this free GIF maker ( ). So, I have to try it out” so as to see how it works and also confirm the information written on the site.Well, I can practically tell you that it works perfectly’ and one of the amazing things about the site, is that’ it’s completely for free and you can creat hundreds of GIF without being suspended or ask to check back later. Now, you can easily make those animation gif you see on social media, by yourself.

Best GIF Maker – Create A GIF From Video, Image & YouTube Online For Free

You don’t need extra skill or a private tutor to get started. Anyone can easily make a GIF from YouTube videos, images from your file, or download videos. All you need, is to upload any picture you would like to use for the GIF and create it to your test.

However, I will surggest you use a funny image to make your GIF look classic and funny. Remember I earlier told you guys that I was able to create lots of GIF from this site? Yes, you too can do it.

Meanwhile, GIF created from comes with watermark, which is their website name. For you to completely remove this watermark from your GIF, you must sign up for an account.

NOTE: creating account with, is free. Even if you don’t create account, you can still make a GIF, but it will come with watermark.

As for me, I don’t bother myself creating account since the GIF making is free. So, I think they deserve to be promoted.

How To make a GIF From Pictures And Videos At

Just as I said earlier, it’s not difficult to create or make a GIF from YouTube video, pictures and downloaded videos.

  • First of all, visit their website at
  • If you want to use a YouTube video, kindly copy the video link and paste on site, with the provided option.
  • For those who would like to use pictures/images, kindly use the option of upload file and upload any picture you want to use for the GIF.
  • The same thing is applicable to those who would like to use downloaded videos. It’s very simple, upload and make a GIF in one minute.

That’s, all. Hopefully you have learnt everything about this topic – – make a GIF from video, image & YouTube? If you find anything complicated, please let us know via the comment section below.

I’m glad you have seen how to create or make unlimited GIF online for free, please don’t forget to share with friends on social media.

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