FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline Download Android

FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline Download Android

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Download FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk + Obb + Data files that feature the latest players transfers, 2021/2022 season kits, improved gameplay, and game graphics, alongside a new soccer ball.

FIFA 2022 Mod 14 Apk Android remains the only best offline Android soccer game that allows you to manage your own football club each season as you also embark on tournament matches.

Furthermore, the Manager mode in FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk offline lets you select your favorite football club and manage football clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester United, etc.

The above-mentioned clubs come with their updated latest season kits in the new FIFA 2022 Apk offline for Android, you will get to experience a similar real-world of football with just an Android device in which you can become a real coach and lead your team to victory while playing home and away matches.

Players finally have realistic faces in the latest FIFA 2022 Mod Apk, it is quite similar to the real-world players, the same applies to the gameplay as players move around the pitch.

The background music you hear within the FIFA Soccer game 2022 edition is as appealing as the previous edition of the game, the current background music is awe-inspiring as you play the game.

Control buttons are simplified and easy to use, they enable you to quickly pass, shoot, make long passes, control player movement, for example, the X, O navigation buttons that are very responsive in this latest edition of FIFA 2022 Apk Obb file.

Upon installation of this mod of FIFA 22 apk game for mobile phones, you will be rich with an unlimited amount of virtual money that helps you manage your football club expenses.

The database file for FIFA 2022 Mod 14 Apk has gotten a serious update that now prevents bugs and issues such as force close, hangs after a match, or difficulties playing manager mode seasons.

Download Latest FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data

To install FIFA 22 Mod Apk offline version, you need the Obb Data and Apk files, so the below-working links will get you that as it is malware-free and safe to download the required files.

If you have Installation issues message me on Telegram>>> 

Apk Obb Data File For FIFA 2022 Mod Offline

➤  FIFA 2022 Obb Data Rar file (1.65GB)

➤ FIFA 2022 Mod Apk Offline Mediafire Link

➤ Download Zarchiver App – Helps To Extract Rar Files >> Zarchiver Pro Apk Link

Steps To Install FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data

Now, after you have downloaded the FIFA 2022 Mod 14 Apk Obb Data files from the links above, the below steps to extract the Obb Data files and to install the Apk app should be followed.

Steps To Install FIFA 2022 Offline Mod Apk Obb Data files:

  1. Launch Zarchiver, then locate the downloaded FIFA 22 Obb Data rar file.

  2. Next, tap and hold on to the obb data rar file, then tap “Extract”.

  3. Head to path 0 > Storage > Emulated which is your Device Memory Home Files.

  4. So Extract what you did on step 2 by using the Extract Icon that has an arrow pointing downwards.

  5. After the FIFA 2022 Obb Data rar file has successfully extracted till 100%, Install FIFA 2022 Offline Mod Apk app

Android 11 FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Files

As an Android 11 user, you may face issues when extracting game data files with Zarchiver, so you need to separate the FIFA 2022 files. Below contains the files.

Data File For FIFA 22 ➤ Data File FIFA 2022 Rar (99 MB)

Obb File For FIFA 2022

➤  Obb FIFA 2022 Rar File (914 MB)

Apk App FIFA 2022 

 ➤ FIFA 2022 Mod Apk (43 MB)

How To Install FIFA 2022 Mod On Android 11 Device

Please kindly follow the instructions below that will help you to install the files for FIFA 2022 Mod Apk Obb Data file for the Android devices.
Steps To Install FIFA 2022 Mod Apk Obb Data:

  1. Open the Installed Zarchiver Pro App.
  2. Head to the Data File For FIFA 2022 Rar File directory.
  3. Now Tap and Hold to Extract it on the current directory.
  4. Once done, you will need to click and hold the data file as and move it to…
  5. Device Memory > Android Folder > then paste the data file ( on Data Folder.
  6. To extract the Obb file click on the Obb FIFA Rar file and use the Extract options…
  7. Paste to Device Memory > Android Folder > Obb folder.
  8. Finally, Install the FIFA 2022 Apk file.

Screenshots FIFA 2022 Mod FIFA 14 Apk For Android

The below screenshots contain how FIFA 2022 Mod for Android looks like, gameplay and background.

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