Download WhatsApp Aero Latest Version 2021

WhatsApp Aero Latest Version 2021

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Not satisfied with the usual official WhatsApp application? Now there is WhatsApp Aero with a fresh look and super complete features.

In fact, this Whatsapp mod application is considered superior to its competitors, such as YoWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, and FMWhatsapp.

So, what is this application system like? Is it safe to use, and how to download it? Here’s complete info about WhatsApp Aero lite, the latest features, how to download and install the application.

What is WhatsApp Aero?

This is the latest mod version application released for Whatsapp in 2021. The developer of this application is a young Turkish national named Bozkurt Hazarr, who works with Fouad Mods. This modification tool is quite trending at the moment, even though it is still very new. The latest version released is version 8.36.

In addition, Whatsapp Aero also has advantages that other WhatsApp mods don’t have. What are the advantages of this application feature? Let’s continue reading.

Advantages of Whatsapp Aero

FYI, this aero mod is really worth using. Why is that? Whatsapp aero apkpure presents a fresh and new user interface. The display presented is also very decent and attractive. Not only about the appearance, but the aero also offers better application performance than the others.

The coolest thing is the stability system. So don’t be surprised if many think this application is not a Whatsapp mod application. But is WhatsApp Aero safe? This application may be used safely, without being banned/blocked. Some also mention that this application also does not use root. So the possibility of malware or viruses is quite small.

Features of Whatsapp Aero Mod Apk

Before looking at the cool features, first look at a glimpse of aero WhatsApp 8.11 apk.

NameWhatsapp Aero
Size62 MB
Android4.0 and above
Last UpdatedJuly 2020

Description of Whatsapp Aero App

The mod application above is the most recent version; previously, there were several versions such as aero WhatsApp 8.11 apk, WhatsApp aero 2019, mod 7.91, and WhatsApp mod 2020 march.

This latest version has advanced features that are not available in the official WhatsApp application or other mods. Here are some features that you can enjoy.

1. Privacy Manager Service Available

One of the interesting things about this WhatsApp is a feature for user privacy. With this app, you can hide blue tick, double tick as well as online status. You can also copy a message without attaching the date to the message.

2. There are many choices of stickers and themes

If on official WhatsApp, the theme is less attractive, and that’s all, different from this aero. There are many choices of cute and cool themes and stickers that you can get for free.

3. Anti Banned & Block

Even though it is a mod application, aero guarantees that user accounts can use it safely. There will be no bans or blocking here. Because the application will continue to be updated when a bug appears or there is an update to the original application.

4. There is a Data Transfer Feature

With aero, you can move data, for example, from the original WhatsApp application to this aero mod application. This can be done because of the backup and restore features owned by the application.

5. There is a feature to lock chat

Unlike the original version, this app lets you secure your messages by locking them. The chat lock feature can hide messages from people without using additional apk help.

6. Anti Delete Chat

Aero allows you to re-display someone’s chat that the sender has deleted. Cool, right? This feature is quite interesting because it will not be obtained on the original Whatsapp. With aero, when a message has been deleted, you can also see the contents of the chat.

7. There is a Customization Feature

There are lots of customizable features here, such as home screen, notification icons, status, DP, etc. This will make it easier for you to use different statuses or DP for the contact you want.

8. Faster Performance

This is interesting; Aero is faster than other mod applications. You could even say this is the best and faster WhatsApp mod application than YOWhatsapp or Fouad.

9. Fresh and Attractive User Interface

With this tool, it is guaranteed that you will never get bored with how it looks. Because the user interface that is owned is very beautiful and amazing. Not only attractive and elegant but its sensibility and features also spoil any user.

10. Other Advanced Features

  • Can hide the forward tag when sending messages.
  • There is an inbuilt locker feature to lock chats.
  • Better privacy and security options.
  • Can back up and restore data.
  • Features send images in large quantities.
  • Features send high-quality and full video without being cut into pieces.

How to Download Whatsapp Aero Mod Apk

Are you interested in the advanced features of this WhatsApp mod apk? But keep in mind, Whatsapp Aero is not an official application that is 100% safe to use. So, before downloading, please consider the bad risks due to illegal applications. Because it’s illegal, this tool can’t be found on any app Store either. You can get it for free at the link below.

Latest Download Link V8.36

You need to download WhatsApp Aero APK first here.

How to Install the Whatsapp Aero Mod Application

For you to know, as a mod application, Aero cannot be used immediately after downloading.

There are steps that must be taken so that the installation goes smoothly and the application can be used quite safely. Namely as follows:

  1. Before installing, make sure you have enabled unknown sources on the device. You do this by going to Settings, Security, clicking Permissions, and Enable unknown sources.
  2. After that, you can directly install by going to the storage folder and looking for the downloaded application file.
  3. Open the application file and tap the button to install and wait for this process to complete.
  4. Immediately create your account by opening the application, then creating an account, filling in the OTP, and linking the mobile number to the aero mod application.
  5. Enter the verification code sent to your device.
  6. Happy using.

You can start a chat with WhatsApp Aero. Or if you want to restore old files, you can, as long as there is a backup and can also move files from official WhatsApp applications.

Tricks Using Whatsapp Aero

Actually, the use of this WhatsApp mod is no different from other mod apks. It’s just that, we want to share some ways to make good use of its features.

Here are the steps:

How to Uncheck Two

  • Open the Aero Privileges menu by clicking the 3 dot symbol and selecting Aero Privileges.
  • Select the privacy menu.
  • Find the chats column and select contacts*.
  • Check the option hide second tick then OK.

Ways to Remove Online Status

  • Open the Aero Privileges menu by clicking the 3 dot symbol and selecting Aero Privileges.
  • Select the privacy menu.
  • Enable the freeze last seen option.

How to Lock Chats

  • Open the orbol that you want to lock.
  • Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner, select Lock Conversation.
  • Please select one of 3 options: PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint.

How to Hide Typing/Typing Status

  • Open the Aero Privileges menu by clicking the 3 dot symbol and selecting Aero Privileges.
  • Select the privacy menu.
  • Find the chats column and select contacts*.
  • Check the Hide Typing option.

How to View Deleted Status

  • Open the Aero Privileges menu by clicking the 3 dot symbol and selecting Aero Privileges.
  • Select the privacy menu.
  • Find the chats column and select contacts*.
  • Find the status column.
  • Enable Hide View Status & Anti Delete Status notifications.

How to View Deleted Chats or Unsend Messages

  • Open the Aero Privileges menu by clicking the 3 dot symbol and selecting Aero Privileges.
  • Select the privacy menu.
  • Find the chats column and select contacts*.
  • Find the status column.
  • Enable notoif Ante delete message.

The above are just a few ways you can enjoy the cool features of this tool. Please innovate to enjoy more features.


Above we have provided information about Whatsapp Aero and how to download, install and use it. How? The features are really cool isn’t it? But unfortunately, this application is only an illegal mod apk.

Of course, it will be more fun if you use the official WhatsApp application which is certainly safer. Even if you use this apk, please use it wisely. Do not harm other users.

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