Download RA WhatsApp Apk Latest version 2021

RA WhatsApp Latest version 2021

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If you are bored with the look of WhatsApp that’s all, then you should try RA WhatsApp. This type of WA Mod is quite popular because it has various types of displays that can be arranged at will. Basically, RA WhatsApp is a development application from YOWhatsApp which was already popular. RA WhatsApp comes with improvements to the display design and colors that make it look like the official WhatsApp for iOS.

In the following article, we will review the advantages of this one MOD along with download links, features, how to install and how to update

RA WhatsApp at a glance

Ra Whatsapp Anti Ban
Ra Whatsapp Anti Ban

RA WhatsApp or often known as RA YowhatsApp or RAWA is a modified WA made by the nation’s children. The name RA is an abbreviation of the name of the developer, namely Ridwan Arifin. This programmer modified WA to have an iOS-style UI. Can you imagine the unique and super luxurious look of iOS right?

RA WhatsApp Specifications

App NameRA WhatsApp
Updates24 March 2021
Size50.96 MB
Operating systemAndroid 4+ and above

Featured Features of RA WhatsApp

Before using RAWA, first, identify its superior features so that they can be used optimally.

1. Customize the Appearance

This WhatsApp MOD does emphasize additional features on display settings that can be changed. You can customize the appearance with various themes, both black, white, and various other interesting themes for free.

In addition, you can also change the font type, font size, bubble chat and even the size of the header tab can also be changed. Even more uniquely, you can change the appearance of WA stories like Instagram stories.

2. Sending Various File Types

The file you send is not limited to the jpg or doc file extension. You can send files with the extension txt, doc, Docx, ppt, pptx, xls, vcard, rar, and even zip.

3. Sending Multiple Image Files

With RA WA MOD you can send up to 90 images at once. However, the image you send is still maintained in size quality.

4. Sending Larger Videos

On WA Original, videos that you can send are a maximum size of 16 MB. But with the RA WhatsApp application, you can send videos with a maximum of 30 MB. Although the size of the video that can be sent is not as big as OGWhatsApp, which is 1 GB, this 30 MB capacity is quite enough.

5. Set Privacy Features

The privacy features of RAWA are almost the same as the privacy features of FMWhatsApp. This feature allows you to hide various notifications to make them more private. For example, to hide last seen or last seen, forward label to forward messages, blue ticks. You can even divert voice or video calls to the contacts you want.

6. Setting Security Features

This WA Mod can provide security for your application data. There is an Applock application to lock WA applications with a PIN or password. You can even make the WA icon unable to be tapped by other people.

7. Activate the Anti Banned Feature

As a Modified WA application, you must have an anti-banned feature like this RA WhatsApp apk. RAWA developers are always updating to adjust the privacy policy of the official WA. This is also proven by using WA Mod fairly and not excessively.

8. Identify Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages are often annoying, but now you can block them with the RA app. This is because RA has a feature to recognize broadcast messages sent privately or from groups.

Latest Features

In addition to the excellent features above, RAWA iOs also has new features such as:

  • Emoji changer.
  • iOS emojis as well as defaults.
  • Hide media from the gallery.
  • Multiple language options.
  • Clear WA logs.
  • Thousands of free themes are available.
  • View videos without downloading.
  • Change the blue tick with various icons.
  • Cover photo and profile info.
  • 3 Conversational style.
  • Calendar widget on the action bar.
  • Removeable browser navigation tabs.
  • Resizer counter tab.
  • Anti delete messages.
  • App launcher icons as well as notifications.
  • List view effect.
  • Pressing the link on the friend’s status in the contact.
  • Increase the number of characters in the story from 139 to 250.
  • Lock screen design.
Download Ra Whatsapp
Download Ra Whatsapp

This WA iOS mod apk 2021 is not available on the PlayStore or the App Store. But you can download the latest RA WA apk v8.26 at the following link.

Download Link

You need to know that one of these WA MODs is not illegal. Even though it is claimed to be anti-banned, you must remain vigilant because it can harm your device and data.

How to Install RAWA

Install Ra Whatsapp
Install Ra Whatsapp

After the apk file is downloaded, you can follow the WA installation steps below:

1. Back up WA messages

If you want to use the main number like the original WA number, then do a message backup first so you don’t lose it. Go to the settings menu then select chat then click backup chat and wait until the process is complete.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

This WA apk is illegal, so you have to allow the device to be able to install from unknown sources. Go to the settings menu then select security settings and activate the Install Apps from Unknown option.

3. Installing RA WA Apk

Go to the File manager menu then look for the RAWA apk in the download folder. Tap the file to start the installation process. If a confirmation notification appears, select Yes.

4. Login to WA account

After the installation process is complete, login with the number you want. Then verify the cellphone number and do the initial WA settings by uploading a profile photo or setting an account name. Select restore if you want to restore all data so that it is open to this RAWA apk.

How to Update

Update Ra Whatsapp
Update Ra Whatsapp

The use of WhatsApp Mod is characterized by the frequent need to update the latest version. This is so that you can continue to use WA MOD without any problems. Follow the steps below:

  • On the WA menu, open the settings menu located at the bottom right.
  • Then select updates and tap on the check for updates sub-menu.
  • Then you will be taken to the developer’s YouTube channel to ensure the latest version applies.
  • If the latest version is available then download the link by clicking the link on the description page.

How to Change WA iOS Theme

Ra Whatsapp
Ra Whatsapp

The themes owned by RA WhatsApp vary depending on the version used. It can also be different because there is an error on the device. But in general, how to change the theme with WA Mod iOS is the same, as follows:

  • Go to Mod Settings or Mods Settings.
  • Then select Themes and click Load Themes.
  • Choose the theme you want and select download.
  • You can search for downloaded themes with the XML extension file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then continue by clicking
  • Then the WA application will reload automatically to apply the new theme you choose.

In addition, you can also get a collection of RA WA Mod iOs themes through the Official Telegram Channel on @iosdev_team.


RA WhatsApp iOS is suitable for those of you who get bored easily with the monotonous and irreversible WA display. Moreover, you can feel the sensation of chatting with a luxurious look like an iOS iPhone but with an Android device. But you have to be careful when using this iOS WA Mod. Good luck trying WA Android iPhone flavor.

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