Download OGWhatsApp Latest version 2021 No Ban

Download OGWhatsApp Latest version 2021 No Ban

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Disclaimer: we recommend you download all software from the official source. Software from third-party sites can endanger your device(s). File(s) shared here are for education purposes only, and are total responsibility of their hosted sites. See our Disclaimer page.

Are you a WA application user? But want to have unlimited and cooler features? It looks like the OGWhatsApp mod can be the best alternative.

Yups, such modification tools are quite often found, for example, GBWhatsApp, Fouad, Whatsapp Aero, etc. The mod WA application offers a number of advanced new features that are not found in the original version of the application.

So, what are the advantages of OGWhatsapp compared to other WA mods? Are the latest features quite promising?

Well, to answer your question, we will discuss interesting info about OGWhatsapp pro and download the latest OGWhatsapp 2021.

OGWhatsapp at a glance

OGWhatsapp is a mod WA application that offers a number of additional features that the original application does not have. Unlike the original WA, the features provided by WhatsApp can be used for free and without limits.

This application also offers a cool user interface with very friendly features, aka user friendly. Not only that, this tool also ensures the security of your privacy and account security.

How to use OGWhatsapp is also quite easy, actually, there is no difference with the original WA application.

To be more clear, here we show the application info:

Size48 MB
Android Version5.0 and above
Last UpdateJuly 2021

Information about OGWhatsapp

OGWhatsapp Apk Latest Features

OG Whatsapp apk pure has a lot of cool features that are not in the original application or other mod APKs. For example, the voice filter and video call features can make the sound and picture clearer. Here we present the excellent features offered by this WA mod.

1. Anti Block / Anti Banned

Anti-ban or anti-blocking is the main feature that is always present in every WA mod, one of which is this application. Without this feature, it seems that not many people will be interested in using WhatsApp mod. Well, with this feature you don’t have to worry about getting blocked when using it.

2. Anti Delete Chat

Similar to Whatsapp Aero and YoWhatsapp, the anti-delete message feature is also in this application. What are the advantages? This feature allows you to view messages that have been deleted by the sender. The delete chat feature on WA original has no effect on this tool. You can still see deleted chats. Cool isn’t it?

3. Can Download Status

With this mod application, you can directly download the status of friends without the help of a third-party apk. How to download status in this mod application is also easy to do, with just one click.

4. Can Customize Display

If the original WA only has 2 views, Day and Night, this tool has a lot of display options. You can be as creative as you want to change the appearance on OGWhatsapp.

What views can be changed? Some of them are:

  • tick design
  • Theme
  • Font type
  • Size
  • Bubble chat
  • Etc

5. Can Create Scheduled Messages

The most interesting thing about this tool is that there is a service for creating scheduled messages. That way, you can schedule messages and they will be sent automatically according to the schedule that has been made.

6. Set/Lock Privacy

Your privacy security will be very protected when using OGWhatsapp 2021 & its latest version. Yes, because there is an App lock feature whose function is to lock applications. Not only that, there are several other features that can protect your privacy, including the following:

  • Can turn off the blue tick on chats that have been viewed.
  • Can turn off the status is typing in chat.
  • Can see the stories of other WA users without being caught.
  • Can lock messages with certain contact numbers.

7. Multi Account Features Available

Interestingly, with this application, you can have more than one account. For example, if you have 2 or 3 WA accounts, all of these accounts can be used in one OGWhatsapp application.

So, you don’t have to bother to re-install existing applications as usual. The account can be automatically used in this one mod WA application.

How to Download the OGWhatsapp Apk

Download Apk
Download Apk

How? Are you interested in downloading it? Oh yes, before that, we remind you that this application is a mod version which is actually illegal. Illegal applications in any form are not recommended because they are vulnerable to risks in the future. If you still want to use it, here’s how to download the official OGWhatsapp HTTP plus the OGWhatsapp link.

  • Back up all old WA data on Google Drive. It can be media and chat or any data that you think is important.
  • Download the latest version of the OGWhatsapp file at the following link:

Download Link Version 8.75
  • Once downloaded, save the file on the device.
  • Then open the downloaded file and install the application.

For those of you who want to use the previous version of the mod application, here we provide the link.

Download link OGWhatsapp V8.40

How to Install the OGWhatsapp Apk


After finished downloading OGWhatsapp v2 11.315 apk, what to do? Of course, you have to install it on a smartphone. Installing this application is actually not complicated, it just takes a few steps that are not usually done.

The steps to install this application are as follows:

  1. Backup and copy the entire message backup then delete user information on the app. Or you can just re-install the application.
  2. Change the directory name on SDCard/Whatsapp to SDCard/OGWhatsapp. This can be done through the file manager on Android or Windows.
  3. Verify the new number on the OGWhatsapp version.
  4. Then verify the new number on the original Whatsapp version.
  5. The application can be used immediately.

If you encounter problems in the installation process, first check the permissions feature. Check the Install from unknown source section on the device whether it is active.

If not, then do the following:

  • Select Settings
  • Click Biometrics and security
  • Click Install unknown apps
  • Select My Files Application.
  • Repeat the installation and then login to the account.

If you are using an Android other than Samsung, you can do the following:

  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Select Security
  • Click Allow install app from an unknown source
  • Then check or activate
  • Repeat the installation and then login to the account.


As a mod application, this tool can be an alternative to using WA with many and advanced features. This WA mod is very useful for those who want to have more than 1 Wa phone number on a smartphone. This application is also quite easy because it can be accessed for free and without limits. Even so, you should always be aware of the risks that might lurk when using this application. So much for our discussion, hopefully, you can be wise in using the OGWhatsapp mod application.

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