Airtel tv App Apk Download & Stream With Free Internet

Airtel tv App Apk Download & Stream With Free Internet

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Airtel Tv app apk is an online Movie streaming platform available to only Airtel subscribers. The Streaming app unlike Hulu and Netlix is free not a paid paid service.

Airtel Tv app apk is an android apk base application for only Airtel users. The app allows Airtel users to stream numerous TV shows ranging from Nollywood, Bollywood, Zollywood and Hollywood.

In pursuit of satisfying subscribers need Airtel have provided a Tv app. The Video streaming app has many cool features to satisfy all of your Movie and series needs.

Airtel in it’s wisdom is even offering 3GB Airtel Free internet data for first time users. The 3GB free internet data offer for Airtel Tv apk app is avalid for 7 days only. This article is all about airtel app,  tv channels, tv app download for pc.

What is Airtel Tv apk app

like i have said before, the Airtel Tv apk app is android pass movie streaming app. Airtel TV apk app allows Airtel subcribers an unlimited access to movies contents around the world.

You will also get access to watch popular TV channels like Al Jazeera, Bloomberg Televisiona and Trace. Other available Tv channels in the app includes Gametoon, Fashion Box, Bollywood, Nautical, God TV, and Inspiration TV among others.

Airtel Tv apk is not match with Hulu or Netflix but it is a good alternative if you cannot subscribe for Netflix premium. This is worth a trial Airtel subscribers in Nigeria, India, Bangladesh and some part of Pakistan.

To enjoy the unlimited access to Movies and Tv series with the TV app, you need an Airtel SIM. If you have an activate Airtel SIM card and an Internet enabled smart phone you can also enjoy 3GB Airtel Tv free internet access.

Airtel TV App Apk Download

You can download Airtel Tv app here on our site using the download button below or from google play store. After downloading the app, you will need to sign up with your phone number to start enjoying free movie streaming.

If you download the the app from play store, it will be automatically installed on your phone. On the other hand, if you download it from our site here we have to installation from unknown source.

To allow applications from unknown resources to be installed,

  1. Go to settings on your phone
  2. Scroll to App settings
  3. Now click app permission
  4. Then click Allow applications from unknown resources

Now that way have successfully allowed installation of app from an unknown source and install the app, we have to create an account. You need to create an account or go to Tv official site.

How to Sign up Airtel Tv App Apk

Signing up for Airtel Tv app is not a hard task, in fact, it is like creating a facebook account. You can get it done in less than 20 seconds, yes i mean in less than 20 seconds because there is nothing really big about it.

If you want get started with the app? all you have to do is follow the guide below to get started as soon as possible. To sign up for Airtel Tv app after downloading the app, follow the step by step guide below…

  • Open the Tv app
  • Click the register button
  • Some of your personal information will be required
  • Now you will need to enter your Airtel phone number and email
  • You will then receive a one time password (OTP)
  • Enter the 4 digit OTP received and click confirm
  • Finally open your email to confirm and verify your email address

Congratulations you have just created a free Airtel Tv apk app account. You can now enjoy Airtel 3GB free internet and unlimited access to Tv shows and movies like Netflix and Hulu.

NOTE: If you are not an Airtel User YOU will not get the Airtel 3GB free internet offer for downloading the TV app apk. But if you are not an Airtel subscriber and so wish to sign up for Airtel TV follow the guide below….

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click the sign up button at the top right Conner
  3. Now feel in all the required information
  4. Proceed by clicking summit
  5. Verify your phone number and you are ready to go

Now that is how to get access to the App for non Airtel subscribers instead of using Airtel Tv apk app. The app also have some cool incredible feature you will really love to know about.

Features of Airtel TV APP APK

Data Saving

Just like when you want to watch on Youtube, Airtel TV app allows you to select Video Quality to watch. Airtel help you save your internet data Select your Video preferred Quality.

To select the Video quality you want follow the guide below

  • Head over to settings option
  • Select Playback Quality
  • You will then be presented with option to select video quality you want
  • Now select whether the low, medium or high quality and save your internet data

No Subscription

Airtel Tv or Tv apk app is a free no subscription fee attached to it. So if you don’t mind pending the time when you do not have Netflix or Hulu subscription fee, you can try out the app.

Create a White List

Airtel tv app allows you to save any Movie or tv series for offline viewing. This feature is to help catch up with events in real time when you are busy and watch later.

If you can remember very well off the previous online music and movie streaming platform also have this feature. The saving for offline is also a means of saving your internet data for longer period.

Access to Variety of Categories

The app is not limited to only Movies and Tv series but it includes many other categories. To satisfy the needs and and movie test of different people, categories such as Drama, Romance, Action, Comedy, Music are included.

Faith/Religion, Health/Fitness, Kids and Documentaries are also included. You can browse through all these categories and genres all for free once you have internet access.

Airtel Tv apk app also allows users to browse through titles or search for your favorite movies. You can also search for favorite videos, channels by entering related fields such as Movie/TV Show title/Director/Actor/Channel using the top Search bar.

The search bar is located at the very top of the home page of the app. Example: to search for “One Wish”, type in: “Fredrick Leonard” or “Lota Chukwu”.

Availability of different Movie Industry

Airtel Tv app being and African based movies play seeks to promote the most of its content in native dialect. Movies are available in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and English language.

Nigerians happen to be the most pronounced users of Airtel Tv apk app. The app is also stuffed with categorizes of latest Indian bollywood and Some movies for Pakistani and Bangladesh.

New Releases Regular Newsletters

There is nothing really sweeter than actually getting movies as soon as they are released. The Tv app helps you stay on top of trends thereby bringing you live updates of newly released movies and Tv shows.

This feature is common among other on movie streaming platforms too. Imagine you getting movies update even before it is released and then getting an instant email or popup notification as soon as it is ready for viewing.

Great content for your kids

Airtel Tv app also respects the fact that kids also deserve a healthy online presence. Some contents are rated adults which means they are not good for kids under age.

So the app have provided a section whereby all kids can have only kids stuffs. This means that, kids will not have to exposed to contents that are corrupting and this contents tends to keep the family together and happy.

Share Videos With Friends

This feature, makes the Airtel tv a stand out online movie streaming platform. Unlike other giant streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix, with Airtel Tv apk app you can share everything you are watching with anyone.

Hulu or Netflix will never allow sharing of any of their contents anywhere outside their platform. In fact Netflix does even allow you to take screenshot when using their app.

Lock Screen Option Available

Remember that cool option in MX player? Luck screen option allows you keep your awake and way from distractions. You can just keep watching your movie while in a distance from your device there would be no distraction.

Airtel Free Internet Access

First time user of Airtel Tv apk app are given a 3GB free internet data allowance to watch movies valid for 7 days. This Airtel free internet data can be used to browse the internet and chat on whatsapp and facebook too.


This is a full article on Airtel Tv app, How to download and install it. This article also points out the feature of the Tv app which makes it cool and stand out among other giant apps.

I hope this article will also point you through the sign up process of Tv app. Do not forget that all first time users of Airtel Tv app are entitled to a 3GB free internet valid for 7 days.

If you find this article helpful please do not forget to share it with your friend. And please if you ever have any questions please use the comment box to ask and we will gladly reply you as soon as possible.

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