5 Steps To Remove /Delete Someone From Facebook Messenger

5 Steps To Remove /Delete Someone From Facebook Messenger

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You have every right to decide who stays in your Facebook messenger and who leaves, you must not block the person. However, it’s not impossible to remove anyone” as we have shared easy method to get rid of people whom you wouldn’t want to see in your messenger list.

Recently, Facebook messenger upgraded to a new version” making it very difficult for you to easily delete or remove people from your messenger App. But don’t worry, it’s still not impossible to remove someone” we have shared amazing stractagy to follow up and delete anyone from your messenger.

If you can be able to follow the steps properly, you will definitely be amazed for stumbling on this blog post today. Now, let’s quickly share the methods.

How To Remove Non Friends From Facebook Messenger 

If there’s anyone sending you messages on messenger without being your friend list, then’ here is a complete guilde on how to remove the person from your messenger. When you do this” he or she can’t be able to reach you via Facebook messenger.

  • Login to your messenger App:
  • Click on “People” icon
  • Choose ” all contacts”.
  • Select the “non-friend” contact
  • Click on “info” icon and tap remove”.
  • It will automatically remove the person

The above tutorial is for mobile phone users. If you’re Using Desktop/windows messenger App, kindly follow the instructions below to remove anyone from your messenger;

  • Tap on “People”
  •  See for the “business card” like icon
  •  Tap the “business card” like icon and select “Remove” option on popup box.

However, if you want to remove all the “non-friend” contacts on Messenger, go to Facebook Messenger Contacts and Select “Delete All Contacts.”

How To Delete Someone From Facebook Messenger

Whenever you want to remove or delete someone from from messenger app, all you have to do, is to follow this simple steps:

  • Using your iPhone, android or iOS, login to your Facebook account from their official website or via mobile app.
  • Locate the profile or page, of the person you would like to remove from your messenger list.
  • Tap on the friend option and choose unfriend.
  • The person will automatically disappear from your Facebook.

Step 2, would be deleting that same person on Messenger.

Now that you have successfully unfriend the person from your Facebook account, let’s quickly move to removing him or her from your messenger. So, that’ person can’t be able to message you again.

  • Enable your internet connection and open your Messenger App.
  • Tap on people contact icon. This tab showcases all the active friends on messenger
  • Under Messenger tab, scroll down till you locate the person you want to remove from your contact
  • When you find the person, tap on the info icon close to the call button
  • Tap Remove Contact
  • Accept the option to remove contact.

At this point, you have successfully delete the person from your Facebook messenger. Do this to anyone you want to remove from your list.

If I Remove Someone From Messenger, Will They Know?

So, a lot of people are asking, if the person they removed from messenger will know that’ they have been removed? Well, the answer is “Yes“.

The person will know that they have been removed by you. Because, they won’t be able to send you messages or see you online.


That’s all, I hope the 5 steps to remove/delete someone from facebook messenger work for you? If you need further information or assistant, please do not hesitate to use the comment section below to reach out to us.

Definitely, you will get response from us 24hrs after dropping your question here. Also don’t forget to share with friends on social media

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