30 Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 Latest Update

30 Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 Latest Update

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Here are some of the best Whatsapp alternatives even though the Whatsapp has been one of the best messaging app. Know 30 best Whatsapp alternatives 2021 free and you will get to know about them.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world that is currently trending due to the world of social media that we are. But lately after facebook application purchased it, many people have started to worry about the future of the application.

But now according to Whatsapp, it has been confirmed that the application will soon begin to be serving the variety of customers with addition on. This might be time to look for another secure messaging service as an alternative.

Whatsapp allows you to send text messages, images and video files, make free voice and video calls also send voice messages. You can use it on a smartphone or desktop but however, Whatsapp had some significant privacy issues in the past.

This messaging application that we will be talking about can serve as best alternative for Whatsapp in case you want to quit Whatsapp completely. So you will get many alternative of Whatsapp here with a lot of benefits.

30 best Whatsapp Alternatives 2021 Free

Here are some of the best Whatsapp alternatives in case if you are looking to leave the Whatsapp messaging service. Below are some of the alternative that you can use to replace the Whatsapp messaging app that you are using:

  • Telegram

Telegram is one of the most downloaded messaging applications that you can come across on the play store application. This telegram is a cross platform service which includes the support for group chats, GIFs, file sharing and more.

Telegram as a best Whatsapp alternatives, what makes telegram a real rival or an alternative to Whatsapp is its bit symmetric capacity and it’s large bit encryption. If you are worried about the privacy of this app, this messaging app is one of the most secure on the play store.

  • Signal private messenger

Signal private messenger application is another privacy focused messaging application that can alternate Whatsapp. So its privacy mode makes it to be the great alternative application to Whatsapp.

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In a situation when both sides are using the application, the free and addition free on service uses end to end encryption. Though it’s signal strength is still a bit low but it is an open source that offers a modern design which also receives consistent updates.

  • Band

This application is free within the application purchases as one of the best Whatsapp alternatives. While the application is shaking things up a bit, but the band application is primarily made for group messaging.

Although the app can be used for individual chat also and it’s strength is acting as a single point of contact for sport teams, school groups and more. In addition, band includes a deep calendar integration which can help you share key dates and make sure deadlines don’t missed.

  • Viber messenger – best Whatsapp alternatives

Viber as one of the best Whatsapp alternatives, is a secret messenger application that is widely popular in some regions but unknown somewhere else. The service includes everything you might want from Whatsapp.

Viber features include audio and video calls, group chats with a self destructive feature and many more features that you can think of. Viber’s user interface is heavier than others which is not assisted by the fact that there are sticker packs available in the application.

  • Snapchat

Snapchat might seem odd in this Whatsapp alternative list, but it is a messaging application in addition to it’s primary video features. Like the other services in this list, also snapchat offers group chats, disappearing messaging and its well-known social aspect.

This snapchat application’s popularity is quickly depleting as it’s users jump ship for Instagram, but it is free to use and includes several privacy features apply. So snapchat on like others is also one of the best Whatsapp alternatives.

  • Skype

Skype is another application which can use as an alternative to Whatsapp because of it’s amazing features. Skype is the world’s best-known application which is popularly known for video calls with clear video effects.

Skype has a new updated design that allows you to send messages, images and files to a user, make videos and voice calls. You can use it on both desktop and smartphones but the most significant disadvantage of Skype is that spammers can send you messages there.

  • Google hangouts

This have been a perfect Whatsapp replacement as you can connect and chat with all your friends who have a google mail account. It is a separate application for sending messages on a smartphone and can also be use inside Gmail.

However, you cannot use it to chat with friends who do not have any google mail account with this app but you can create group chats, send files and search the text messages. So with the features of this google, it qualify as one of the 30 best Whatsapp alternative 2021 free.

  • WeChat – best Whatsapp alternatives

weChat is a category team communication application which can serve as one of the best alternative for Whatsapp. This application allows you to share files, location, make video and voice calls for free and also send messages.

WeChat is a popular chatting application in China which is similar to the format that is use in registering Whatsapp with the use of your phone number and verification code. You can also Connect to your email or facebook to find people who also use WeChat.

  • LINE

Line is another social messaging application in which you will be able to send messages and call other users for free. However, you need an instant internet connection in order to use this chat application perfectly otherwise you won’t enjoy it.

To register Line, you need to use your phone number and this way you can find other users from your contact list that use line and connect with them. You can install line on your device through email and chat with your friends.

  • KaKaoTalk

KaKao Talk also uses your phone number and verification code when you register which makes it to be one of the best Whatsapp alternatives. You can use free chats with messages, calls and videos with as many users as you want.

This application allows you to send up some large megabytes of some files in your devices, including documents, videos and images. Besides, you can even go live using your KaKao talk application to do so.

  • Wire

Wire is a category productivity application that can be use as an alternative to Whatsapp with is great features. Also with the end to end encryption and simple interface, this wire application is one of the best alternatives to Whatsapp.

Wire as the same as skype, the skype co-founder which is Janus Friis is the one that also created this wire messaging application. To sign up, you need to provide your phone number and email address but however, the information will not be shared with anyone.

  • Kik

KIK is one of the most secure and private apps in this list which has developed a little bit of bad reputation as it was used for drug dealing and other stuff. It does not use your phone number so that only a username can identify you.

Besides, all messages are stored only on your phone that is a privacy feature which make it to be one of the best Whatsapp alternative. The features of this kik makes it to be mentioned as one of the 30 best Whatsapp alternative 2021 free.

  • Kontalk

Kontalk is an open source, free chatting application for android devices, web, and desktop. You can keep all the files entirely on your super secure server as it makes this application to be secured for use.

You will be the only person in charge of all the chats you have with your friends and family with makes it to be the amazing part of this messaging application. With this features you will find this application as one of the best alternative for Whatsapp

  • Threema

Threema is another chatting application for mobile phones with a similar interface to Whatsapp. You can send images, text messages and GPS location in the chat which make it share the same features with Whatsapp.

It also help in synchronizing all your contact list so that you can easily find Threema users for the purpose of not losing friends. Even developers have no way to read messages from the application which means all your chat history is protected and locked forever.

  • Signal

Signal is a popular chatting application with a high level of privacy and user security. You can actually set up a timer for messages to be deleted that is a unique feature and with this it’s unique feature make it an alternative to Whatsapp.

Just like the same with Whatsapp, you can also send text messages, create group chats, share files and make video/voice calls. So signal messaging application also equate the features of Whatsapp and make it one of it’s alternatives.

  • Discord – best Whatsapp alternatives

Discord is a handy text and voice chat for game lovers, it is secured and it works for both a smartphone and a desktop. Moreover this discord is a community for gamers built around playing games.

Their free voice and text messenger will help you to connect with people with similar interests as yours. You can equally gets the list of the best discord alternatives with which the Whatsapp messaging services is one of them.

  • IM+

IM+ is in the category of social tools and it is an all in one application for messaging in social media accounts. You can collect all your chat history from facebook, instagram, skype, telegram and twitter on instant messenger.

It can save you a lot of time and the most important, a lot of space on your iPhone which is also available only for iOS. This application is also one of the 30 best Whatsapp alternatives 2021 free with so many amazing features.

  • Voxer

Voxer is a walkie talkie application of push to talk messenger and their main feature is voice messages. Just like with any other chat application, you can also send text messages, media files and GPS location.

Voxer also has a pricing plan for business purposes which make it as onw of it’s unique features of the categories of messaging application. You can use it for fast customer support and also try this application for some days for free.

  • Slack:

Slack is a great, handy tool for work teams which allows you to create chats with many users, share different types of media and collect all the files for a project in one place. It will enable you to send not only text messages but also make voice and video calls.

It is also free for small teams but if you are going to use it actively for bigger groups, consider getting their business plan. But also if you are looking for a communication tool with a few productivity features, you can also check our list of the best slack alternatives.

  • Element:

Element or riot is a universal secure chat application designed to enhance communication and collaboration. With this app, you can organize rooms around any topic you like and can also make video calls or organize conferences.

Element is another application that is said to share features of Whatsapp services which make it to appear as one of the best 20 alternative to Whatsapp. It is also considered to be among the best Whatsapp alternatives.

  • Tox

Tox is a free and secure software that allows you to connect with your team, friends and family. It features include instant messaging, voice and video communication, screen sharing, file sharing as well as group chats.

Tox application is also considered as a secure solution for online communication with a a lot of features attached to it. This application is one of the 30 best of the Whatsapp alternatives in the year 2021 free alternatives

  • HighSide

HighSide application is a secure team collaboration software and communication solution application that also share Whatsapp features. In this application you can do variety of thing that can be done on Whatsapp.

With HighSide application, you can easily communicate with group of people and increase productivity while ensuring that your data is as secure as it can be. You can make use of this application as an alternative to Whatsapp.

  • FortKnoxster – best Whatsapp alternatives

Fortknoxster is an application that allow you chat, send messages, make voice or video calls, you can also store data and more other things. With this features you will be able to use this application as an alternative to Whatsapp.

This is a free messaging application that share the features that including messaging, chatting, sharing of ideas with friends and many more. This make this application as one of the 30 best Whatsapp alternatives.

  • Bridgefy

This is one of the online messaging applications like Whatsapp which also need the connection of an internet to work perfectly. It can also make an offline messaging application with effort to play.

Bridgefy offers three main types of messaging service which include person to person mode that is one on one chatting, broadcasting mode also deal with groups and thirdly which is the last type is the mesh mode

  • Keybase

Keybase is an secure chat application which is great for users who want to communicate without any problem. It also share a variety of features that makes it to be avle to be use as an alternative.

So this keybase application, make use of different format in making conversation as it is part of its fearures that makes it amazing. This is another one of the 30 best Whatsapp alternatives that share almost the same Whatsapp features.

  • Imo

Imo is another messaging application that can be use instead of Whatsapp because of it’s common feature with the Whatsapp. Imo is an application that you can use and make all type of conversation and chatting with friends.

With imo application, you will be able to do many messaging such as text conversation, video messaging chat, sharing of pictures and video and so on. Imo is one of the application that look exactly like Whatsapp so it alternate Whatsapp.

Facebook messenger application is another amazing and interesting application that can be use as an alternative to Whatsapp. Messenger share a lot of Whatsapp features which make it to be able to use instead of Whatsapp.

With facebook messenger application, you will be able to do variety of task such as video call, text message conversation, sharing of image conversation and so on. This have a lot of features that make it even better than Whatsapp.

  • Hike

Hike application is another messaging service application that join the crew of the best alternative to Whatsapp. This application have some amazing features that makes it looks like Whatsapp and this make it an alternative as best Whatsapp alternatives .

Hike like all other application allows you to be able to chat with friends and family both close and far away chatting to be done. It can be use to make video calls, call chatting, audio messages and all the likes just like Whatsapp.

  • Fort

Fort is another application that is one of the 30 best Whatsapp alternatives because it also share this same features with Whatsapp. This application can do exactly the same work as Whatsapp so it is one of the best alternative.

Fort can also be use to chat with friends and family both near by and far-away and/or both home and abroad it makes it possible. So get fort application and make use of it as one of the alternative to Whatsapp service.

  • 2go

Finally 2go join the application list that can be use as an alternative to Whatsapp even though it seems old. With 2go new features that make it an amazing application that is use for messaging and chatting on best Whatsapp alternatives .

2go is an application that create a chance of making friends with the features of video chatting, audio chatting, text chatting and so on. With this above features of 2go, it make it be among the 30 best Whatsapp alternative.

Finally these 30 Whatsapp alternatives share almost all the same features in relation to type Whatsapp it self which make them to be an alternatives. So all the mentioned Whatsapp alternatives are surely the best replacements.

  Which Whatsapp is best and safe

Best Whatsapp alternatives, Whatsapp is the most especially the well known application and it is the most accepted internet messaging application. Whatsapp is one of the biggest social media platforms that link people together which uses the internet connections.

Whatsapp is an application that perform the work of sending messages, including GIFs, images, text, video and all other documents. Whatsapp also has feature of making a video call which you will be able to see the caller.

With WhatsApp, all you will be able to text or call anyone you wish to call worldwide and it is an instant messaging. All you need is a device or mobile phone that support Whatsapp application including a good internet connection.

There are many type a of Whatsapp application with similar features but few differences in terms of their mode of usage. Here you will get to know the Whatsapp that is the best and safe but also get to know the best Whatsapp alternatives.

The best and safest Whatsapp

Whatsapp Plus is the Whatsapp that is best and safe which is also similar to the GBWhatsapp messanger with a lot of features. This Whatsapp application is well-known one that people use frequently due to it safest and best features.

Whatsapp plus including additional bunch of better functions, along with the no ban function which prevent the Whatsapp from canceling your access. It uses the same protocol and license held by the Whatsapp application but more safer compare to all.

Features of Whatsapp plus

Best Whatsapp alternatives, the following are the features that makes the Whatsapp plus the best and safest one:

  1. There unlimited conversation in the group chats
  2. It enhance the limit of small size of file sharing
  3. There is nothing like compression of images if you send it
  4. There is schedule of messages
  5. The settings encourage full control of over blue tick button
  6. There is quality of anti ban
  7. The blue tick button can be enabled and also disabled
  8. There is availability of multiple premium themes of Whatsapp
  9. Enough HD images to be shared
  10. There is built in application lock
  11. Numerous group capacity.

With the above features of this Whatsapp, it surely makes this app to be the best and safest Whatsapp massagers. So this Whatsapp deserve the best and safest Whatsapp due to the numerous features that is attached to it.

Now you can make use of this Whatsapp as it is the best and safe for you to use. Just go and download it and enjoy the amazing and great features. Simply get the Whatsapp plus by downloading it so as to enjoy it’s great features.

Is There Anything Like Free Whatsapp

Whatsapp as a free mobile messaging application which will let you send messages and make voice and video calls from your smartphone over the internet rather than your mobile network for free without any charges or payments.

So you can actually connected to wifi, whether at home, at work or any other places which will not cost you a penny. Since Whatsapp is a free app so it allow you to connect to any available wi-fi and make use of your Whatsapp for free so get best Whatsapp alternatives.

Get this information that Whatsapp maybe a free application that make it easy to chat with family and friend as well as sharing a lot of this. But to actually enjoy this kind of opportunity of Whatsapp, you need to have data on your phone.

Get any Whatsapp of your choice as the Whatsapp is an application that make you be able to do a lot with both nearby and far-away friends and family. But it is surely important to get data in order to use the Whatsapp because Whatsapp network connection is not for free.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Whatsapp

Whatsapp get many features that make is an amazing and interesting application suitable for people to use and enjoy with family and friend. Whatsapp have a great and numerous importance or advantages as it help a lot of people.

Whatsapp advantages make it to be a great application that help is connecting people worldwide with low cost. Whatsapp is so important as it has help variety of people such as saving life and cost of movement from a place to the other.

As Whatsapp has many advantages, so it also have disadvantages in though its few but it still have disadvantages. Best Whatsapp alternatives, so here at the below you will see some of the Disadvantages of using Whatsapp which and as follows:

  1. There is a risk involve, in terms like your spouses or close associate may read your private messages.
  2. Sometimes while using it may be somehow annoying due to constant messages.
  3. Another thing is that you must have access to internet before you will be able to send and receive messages for free
  4. In case of a Whatsapp group, it is only the group administrator that can add persons and change any other things in the group.
  5. Another disadvantage is that your profile picture is visible to everybody that is having your contact number.
  6. It is also addictive because once you get addicted to WhatsApp, then it will be very difficult to get over it.
  7. Another disadvantage is you actually need to share your number other people in case you want to add someone and communicate.

So this above is the disadvantages of using WhatsApp, please take note of the above disadvantages at it may happen to you. Surely those advantages are what people are encountering concerning the usage of Whatsapp so get best Whatsapp alternatives .


While making use of your Whatsapp and enjoying the features that is attached to it and you should also think of the disadvantage. As you know that there is no thing that have advantage and doesn’t have disadvantages.

Please not only get this information and keep it to yourself but try as must as possible to share with friends. Because some of your friends may have been looking for this kind information, so you may be of help by sharing to everybody so best Whatsapp alternatives

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